VeinWave | Spider Vein Treatment | Medicus Vein Care


VeinWave is an innovative and FDA-approved procedure that utilizes microwave energy. The device is applied to the skin surface to remove spider veins in areas that are otherwise difficult to treat, such as the tiny spider veins found on the face and ankles. It is a nearly painless outpatient procedure that offers no risk of bruising of the treated area. Typically, spider veins are eliminated in one to two treatments.

How VeinWave Works

This minimally invasive vein removal treatment is performed through the targeted insertion of an ultra-fine insulated needle into the top layers of skin. This technique targets only the spider veins without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. The sensation during treatment feels like nothing more than a pin prick or temporary sting and allows patients to see immediate results with only temporary mild redness in the treated areas.

What to Expect After Treatment

The Varithena treatment only takes up to an hour, and after the treatment, compression stockings will be needed for up to two weeks. This is to ensure those treated varicose veins remain closed. Patients can immediately resume their normal activities, and are encouraged to remain active post-treatment.Regular activity can be resumed immediately after the treatment. However, patients should be mindful to avoid exposure to the sun for a couple of days afterward. Patients may apply makeup immediately after treatment.