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The Medicus

A unique approach to high-quality vein care.

Receive the best in vein care

For over 17 years, patients have attributed our ability to accurately diagnose and treat varicose veins to our expertise in ultrasound technology and our extensive experience in vein treatment. This unique skill set allows Medicus to provide every patient with the highest quality vein treatments at the hands of experienced vein specialists.

What Sets Us Apart?

Specialized Care

The Board Certified vein specialists at Medicus are highly skilled and have exclusive expertise in venous disease and ultrasound diagnostics. With their ability to effectively treat spider or varicose veins, you know you’re receiving treatment by a specialist.

Accessibility of our Specialists

Continuity of care from the initial consultation to the follow-up is essential in all treatments we perform. You will see the same specialist for every visit you have at Medicus. Plus, if you call our office with any questions, you will speak to the same specialist who treated you. This allows us to give every patient personalized care at each step of the treatment process.

Low Waiting Times

We are eliminating the reputation of long waiting times at medical offices. At Medicus Vein Care, you will find that each appointment has a reserved time slot that is held just for you. This allows us to take each patient on time every day. Just ask our loyal patients – they hardly have to wait for any procedure.

An Elevated Experience

The Medicus Vein Care office in Jupiter’s Abacoa is specially designed to promote a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for our patients. Plus, there is no need to search for us in an office building directory because we are easy to find from the street! We invite you to relax in the comfortable Medicus office, and trust in the experience and expertise that make our staff exceed your expectations.

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