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Spider Veins

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Why Treat Spider Veins?


Most patients seek treatment for spider veins to improve the look of affected areas. While these sprawling, thread-like veins do not typically cause major health problems, they can occasionally cause discomfort. Using a combination of treatment modalities, Medicus vein specialists can improve the appearance of spider veins and any associated symptoms with minimally invasive techniques and zero downtime.

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Common Causes

Older individuals and pregnant women are at higher risk for developing spider veins. Genetics can also be a contributing factor. Though spider veins commonly appear on the legs, they can also be found on the face, ankles, and other parts of the body.

Reticular veins, or “feeder” veins can also be a contributing factor to spider veins. By eliminating spider veins at the source, our vein specialists can remove spider veins that can otherwise be difficult to treat. Sometimes, the reticular veins cannot be seen visually and need ultrasound assistance. By visiting a vein specialist, we specialize in ultrasound diagnostics, allowing us to treat these reticular veins properly with ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy.

Treatments available



With several treatments, this time-tested, proven procedure closes the vein, allowing blood to be rerouted to healthier veins.

Laser Treatment

In addition to our primary spider vein treatments, we also offer laser treatment, which uses light to break down spider veins and age spot removal.


FDA-approved VeinWave™ uses microwave technology to remove spider veins on the face or ankles, typically in just one to two treatments.

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Frequently asked Questions

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As vein specialists, we have the skill and latest technology at hand to treat varying cases of spider veins, including reticular, or “feeder” veins.

Reticular veins are the larger blue veins that often “feed” the spider veins and are eliminated using foam sclerotherapy. If previously treated spider veins are stubborn, injecting the reticular veins will eliminate the spider veins at the source.

Utilizing a combination of sclerotherapyVeinWave™, and cutaneous laser therapy, if needed, our specialists provide Medicus patients with optimal results normally not attainable with only one type of treatment.

Of course, patients need to keep in mind that all therapies require more than one treatment for optimal results.

Spider Veins, or Telangiectasias, are small, dilated or broken segments of blood vessel visible through the skin, often seen in a clustered pattern known as “spider veins.”

We use FDA-approved Polidocanol for the sclerotherapy treatments. While the efficacy is the same, hypertonic saline (heavy salt water) is not used because it cannot be made into a foam to inject the reticular (feeder) veins. Polidocanol is more versatile than hypertonic saline and is more comfortable for the patient as it does not sting when injected.

Depending on how large the spider veins are, they typically go away within 2-4 weeks. Follow up visits may be required, with up to 3 to 5 sclerotherapy or cutaneous laser treatments.

When using VeinWave™ for the small spider veins typically found on the face or ankles, they disappear almost instantaneously after only one or two treatments. However, not all spider veins are candidates for VeinWave.

Yes, the VeinWave™ treatment is specifically made for the small spider veins commonly found on and around the face, including the nose and cheeks. Utilizing microwave energy, the VeinWave procedure will eliminate these small veins in one to two treatments.

Yes, veins in the hand can be treated by injecting a sclerosant into the vein, also known as sclerotherapy.

We also recommend injecting a dermal filler into the hand to improve the appearance of the hand without removing the offending vein.

Insurance companies do not cover the cost of spider vein treatments, as they are considered to be cosmetic.

For sclerotherapy, our vein specialists recommend wearing compression stockings after treatment. From a few days to a few weeks after treatment, it is recommended to wear compression for as long as you can to maximize the treatment and enhance its results. The use of compression stockings after VeinWave or laser treatment is not necessary.

Everyday compression is possible and, in fact, it’s easier than ever. We carry a wide selection of compression stockings, and we can recommend the best type that suits your lifestyle, including the latest sport styles.

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