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Reverse the Signs of Aging with Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

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  • How Does IPL Treat Spider Veins?
  • Trust Your Skin to the Best in Vein Care

Your skin is a highly sophisticated system for protecting your internal organs and circulatory system from damaging external factors, and it is unfortunately also one of the first things to start showing your age.

Aside from the more common signs of aging like wrinkles, spider veins and varicose veins are often a highly visible symptom of the aging process. Fortunately, there are powerful and effective procedures for safely removing vascular conditions that cause blemishes on the skin. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment, for example, is a very popular method for treating spider veins and other issues that appear against the skin’s surface.

How Does IPL Treat Spider Veins?

Spider veins appear as small blue or purple squiggly lines right under the skin’s surface and are usually more of a cosmetic nuisance than a painful or dangerous condition. They are most commonly found in the legs but can also show up in the face and hands. Your vein doctor can use intense pulse light therapy to treat these and other damaged veins by focusing a concentrated laser at each vein. A spectrum of light is emitted from the laser in short bursts, damaging the spider vein and breaking it up to be reabsorbed naturally in the body’s bloodstream.

The light from IPL therapy is highly focused, so surrounding tissue will be safe from damage. Each treatment usually takes 15-30 minutes and is divided into a number of sessions for maximum benefit. After each treatment, you will see the affected spider veins gradually fade until your skin is smooth and blemish-free for a younger, fresher appearance.

Trust Your Skin to the Best in Vein Care

If you are suffering from unsightly spider veins or painful varicose veins it is important to receive a full vein screening. Vascular conditions that seem innocuous can lead to more serious problems that may affect quality of life over time. Medicus Vein Care is the leader in varicose vein removal, spider vein removal and vein care in Palm Beach. Get a hold of us today to set up an appointment and start your path to a younger looking, healthier you!