Vein Care Myths Debunked

Many common myths surrounding the treatment of varicose veins have been in circulation for many years. At Medicus Vein Care, our vein specialists work to educate our patients about vein health and relieve their concerns about seeking treatment. We’d like to debunk some of the most common myths here.

Varicose Vein Removal Is an Invasive, Painful Procedure with a Lengthy Recovery Time

In fact, thanks to advances in technology, many modern vein treatments are only minimally invasive, and patients report feeling little to no pain. Individuals who have treatments like laser vein removal, VenaSeal and sclerotherapy at our Jupiter vein treatment center can go home the same day and have little or no downtime.

It’s Not Healthy to Remove Veins

Varicose veins are those that are no longer functioning properly. Blood is “pooling” in the veins instead of flowing through them, and this is what causes them to become discolored and enlarged. Removing these dysfunctional veins improves people’s circulation and therefore their overall health.

If Varicose Veins Aren’t Painful, There’s No Reason to Remove Them

Varicose veins are the symptom of venous insufficiency. They indicate that the blood is not flowing from the legs as it should. Therefore, even if you don’t experience pain, varicose veins should not be ignored and considered merely a cosmetic problem that can be hidden with long pants. Further, you may not realize how tired and achy varicose veins have made your legs until they’re treated.

Pregnancy-Induced Varicose Veins Shouldn’t be Removed Until After a Woman’s Final Pregnancy Because They’ll Just Return

That may have been the case years ago. However, vein treatment procedures have since improved. Therefore, having these procedures after each pregnancy can help prevent a woman’s vein problems from occurring or at least from getting increasingly worse during subsequent pregnancies. Why not avoid unnecessary discomfort during a time when you’re likely already uncomfortable?

Vein Treatments are Expensive and Not Covered by Insurance

Most insurance companies will provide reimbursement for vein treatments if they are considered medically necessary, as many are. At Medicus Vein Care, we submit the required claim forms to insurance companies detailing the medical necessity that many of our patients have for vein treatment.

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