Clarivein is the latest treatment developed by Interventional Radiologists for varicose veins. Similar to EVLA, Clarivein destroys the faulty vein’s inner lining, causing it to seal. However, while the results of these two treatments are the same, the techniques used to eliminate the veins are different.

What Makes Clarivein Different from Other Methods?

While minimally invasive, outpatient vein removal treatments are now the standard for many vein clinics, Clarivein uses a different technology. This procedure is performed with a specialized catheter, sealing veins by injecting them with a medication called sclerosant.

The patented rotating tip of the catheter allows the physician to create a smaller incision site than other ablation techniques. Plus, the rotation allows for even application of the medication, effectively sealing the affected vein without the use of heat.

This treatment is also beneficial because it is virtually painless and anesthetic is only needed at the insertion site. There is also no reason you can’t resume normal activity immediately after your appointment.

Additional benefits of this vein ablation method include:

  • Treatment sessions are faster than other methods
  • The catheter used for Clarivein is patented, which makes it unique to this procedure
  • Minimal interruption in your day-to-day life


Who Is a Candidate?

Clarivein cannot be used on veins that are too dilated or torturous. To determine whether a patient is a candidate, an ultrasound is performed by Dr. Steven Tidwell before a treatment option is considered.

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