What Activities Can I Do After Vein Treatments?

At Medicus Veincare, we understand that your health is important to you – it’s extremely important to us too! Of course, regular exercise is an important element of maintaining your health, but after any vein removal treatment, it’s crucial to give your body a chance to rest and repair itself before jumping back into your exercise regiment. Fortunately, vein treatment procedures generally don’t require a lot of downtime afterward before your normal activities and routines can be resumed.

If you are unclear as to which kinds of activities are safe and which are not for the first few days after you’ve received a vein treatment, we would like to help. We will explain when and how it’s safe to participate in certain activities again after a minimally invasive vein removal.

How To Resume Physical Activity

Walking is acceptable and even encouraged after undergoing vein removal. In fact, our vein specialists recommend to remain active as much as possible. Going to the mall or grocery store right after vein treatment is encouraged!

However, remember when you do resume your normal routine, make sure to start off slowly. It is not recommended to lift heavy weights, visit hot yoga or sit in a hot tub at the risk of opening the recently closed vein after treatment. Your doctor will give you guidance on how much you should be doing and how soon. It is also common for specialists to recommend that you wear compression socks for the first few days after treatment, unless you are a candidate for the VenaSeal treatment. This does not require the use of post-procedure compression stockings.

During your follow-up appointment you can check in with your doctor about any restrictions that you may still have when it comes to exercise and the level of intensity you can reach.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about vein removal interrupting your exercise or training schedule. Our vein specialists at Medicus Vein Care will do everything we can to help you get back to your usual routine after your vein removal treatment.

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